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but weed is so great and fun. and I want to see dean high more than anything ahhh

me too please!! he needs to relax and don’t give a fuck if only for a few hours. And giggle a lot until he laughs bent over and hugging his belly and with tears in his eyes because he feels happy ;u; but never alone because you know those times when you can’t shut your brain and you think weird stuff about yourself (or maybe that’s just me lol) but I bet he is a giggling stoned precious muffin uwu

dean would literally be the cutest little stoned babe okay

he would laugh at everything and he’d zone out hard on tv and pay zero attention when someone was talking and he’d beg people to make him food and eat EVERYTHING and he’d be so thoughtlessly affectionate and cuddly it would be so cute

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Anonymous says what:
what if stoned!dean is all snuggly and soft and stoned!cas is really horny so cas just rides dean hard and fast like a pony while dean lazily nuzzles cas's tummy with a big goofy grin






either that or dean’s so dreamy he can’t get it up and cas is like “dEAANNNN N N N N N N N for god’s sake” and dean feels bad for him so he’s just like “mm just fuck me, i’m just gonna… lie here for a bit” and smiles all dopey ♥♥♥

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cuddly high!dean though

all sprawled out on the couch, his arms stretched over cas’ legs, head in his lap and cas just kind of smiling and he can’t quite follow dean’s train of thought, but he nods along and starts playing with dean’s hair when he notices the way dean pushes his head up into cas’ hand

and dean’s legs sprawled over sam’s lap and sam is rolling his eyes when dean asks him to make him a sandwich, but he laughs when dean is like, “come ooooooon sammy, you make the best grilled cheese, make me a grilled cheese please” and moves dean’s legs to get up and make him food

(and the whole time he’s making it, he can hear dean laughing hysterically and repeating “grilled cheese please, grilled cheese please”)

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do you ever think about what it would be like to smoke weed with dean? because of the drug references in the show (a few seasons back) i find myself thinking about it from time to time because i wonder what kind of stuff he would do/say. also it would probably be really really fun. on a side note i have the same thought about smoking with j2m or just misha, etc etc etc because peoples' personalities when they're high really interest me..?? idk?? i'm just curious what you think about it.


god like dean is already such a tactile guy that I think being high would relax those defenses even more and he’d be so touchy and adorable and cuddle into people’s sides and put his arm around them and absently play with their hair. and he’d probably ramble about all the shit he finds interesting and unintentionally reveal how fucking brilliant he is when he started going off about the universe and black holes and shit. and he would eat fucking EVERYTHING and proclaim it all the most delicious thing on the planet. and he’d stuff himself to the point where he’d be on the floor with his pants unbuttoned, moaning about he’s never eating anything ever again, and then like 20 minutes later he’d be like, “I’m hungry do we have any chips”. HE WOULD BE THE CUTEST THING I WOULD PAY AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO GET HIGH WITH DEAN.

and same, I think it’d be fun to get high with/see J2M high and how it would change their behavior. and not gonna lie, getting high with misha and edlund would be THE GREATEST THING.

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Note: Drug Use involved; set way after Gates of Hell closing, sort of an Alternate Time Line I guess. Drabbly shtuff for Brooke and Jess <3

The sky outside the window of the bedroom was dark, the light of the full moon casting a soft glow through the glass and onto the bed. A small fire had been set in the fireplace, but it had now whittled down to glowing embers. On the bed, Dean Winchester sat cross legged with his back to the foot of the bed, hunched over something in his lap as Castiel, leaning back against the headboard, looked on with lazy interest.

“When was the last time you did this?” The Angel asked, his voice soft. His friend glanced up from his hands and smirked.

“Not for a long time.” He responded. They were silent for a moment more before he finally chuckled, obviously pleased with himself as he held up a thin joint for the man before him. “Whaddya think, Cas?”

Castiel rolled his eyes, laughing quietly. “Dean, I’ve never taken part in anything of the sort. I am not the one to give an opinion on your craftsmanship.” A glint of humor appeared in his blue eyes, watching Dean as the man opposite him pushed Castiel’s foot playfully with his free hand.

“Smartass,” Dean quipped before getting to his knees and crawling up next to Castiel to reach across him to the bedside table and grab the lighter he had placed there earlier that night. Flopping back onto the bed, Dean lit the joint, taking a slow and long drag before leaning his head back and closing his eyes. His past experience kept him from a coughing fit, but his eyes were still watery when he looked back at his friend. They sat in companionable peace, listening to the noises of the forest outside the window as Dean took another hit.

Nights like this were becoming more and more common for the pair of them, quiet reveries and hushed whispers against pillows. Now that he had begun hunting less, he felt empty, but honestly, Dean was tired. As his thoughts slowed, he felt a laziness settle in his bones, his eyelids drooping sleepily. He felt Castiel’s fingers wrap around his wrist, and he thoughtlessly lay himself down, his head in the Angel’s lap. He sighed softly as Castiel drug his fingers through Dean’s hair and Dean found he couldn’t make any move to stop him. Not that he couldn’t… He didn’t want to.

Instead, he found himself looking up at Castiel, studying the way the dim light played in Castiel’s deep blue eyes. A calmness washed over him as Castiel placed his free hand on Dean’s stomach, his eyes slipping closed. An unspoken understanding passed between them as Dean’s hand came to lay on top of Castiel’s, a silent thanks and a lingering wish that the night would last for so much longer.

“You should sleep, Dean,” Castiel murmured, his fingers pushing his bangs back gently. Dean’s lips turned up in a small smile as he hummed in return. He didn’t agree but something about the way his name rolled off Castiel’s lips made his heart thrum. A surge of confidence came over him and he opened his eyes to stare up at the Angel.

“Kiss me first,” he said simply, Castiel looking down at him in shock. Neither one moved for a tense moment, until Castiel’s eyes softened and a barely-there smile appeared on his lips.

“I think I like it when you smoke, Dean,” Castiel whispered and leaned down, their lips touching gingerly. As first kisses went, Dean felt that the spark was more than he could take, the chaste kiss alone leaving him breathless. Regardless of all signals in his brain ringing loud and clear, he grabbed the duvet and sucked in a breath, calming his nerves. “Dean.” Castiel breathed against his Hunter’s face, lips brushing his cheek in adoration.

Dean smiled. He felt sleepiness slow his thinking, and his free hand reached up to rest on Castiel’s cheek. “Join me next time.” He muttered, and Castiel gave a soft chuckle.

“Goodnight, Dean.”

With that, Dean sighed, Castiel continuing his gentle attentions, and the Hunter gave in to sleep.

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okay just the fact that we know dean has gotten high is a tiny bit surprising/fascinating to me?

because getting high is a selfish thing to be honest. like, he wouldn’t be at the top of his game in terms of hunting, he wouldn’t be as alert as he normally is. he sure as well wouldn’t be around john when he was high, probably wouldn’t be around sammy, if it was when they were younger

like, I just wonder when the majority of dean’s weed smoking took place. was it in high school, afternoons stolen for himself when sammy was in class? did it happen more when sam was at stanford, so dean didn’t feel the responsibility of keeping sam safe quite as strongly because he wasn’t there, combined while also using it as a coping mechanism? did he and lisa get high during their weekend together when dean took that road trip?

I mean, the most surprising thing about dean getting high (in addition to other~ drugs) is the fact that he KNOWS john wouldn’t approve of it, but he still did it. it’s like, such a textbook way to act out, but it was the only way he ever did probably, and he obviously kept it under wraps from his dad

but, it’s also kind of not surprising at all, because dean definitely loves creature comforts and getting high would just amplify things he already loves. food, television, sex. MAGIC FINGERS. oh man, I bet you anything a stoned dean would love to just take a bag of quarters and just listen to music and completely zone out until all his change was gone

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