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oh gosh but just after Dean’s little comment about wanting to send the person who was killing demons flowers, and we now know it was Cas, I just want Dean to remember it somewhere down the line when things have settled.

and he does it half as a joke, trying to put a happy tint on a bad memory, but he just goes to the grocery store, gets an already arranged set, all wrapped up in plastic and ready to go, and brings them back to Cas at the bunker or something.

but he doesn’t expect Cas’ eyes to get so big, for him to gently touch the petals of the roses like they’re the most precious damn thing he’s ever seen. Dean doesn’t anticipate the soft, grateful, stunned way that Cas says, “Thank you Dean.” and later, when Dean passes by the doorway of Cas’ room, he sees the flowers lovingly placed in some old vase that the angel dug up from who knows where. and it suddenly hits Dean that he’s never really just given something to Cas just because, that Cas probably hasn’t received a gift from anyone for no reason.

so it becomes a tradition that whenever Cas and Dean are both together at the bunker for a stretch of time, Dean brings him flowers. and at first he just grabs a random bunch out of the plastic buckets at the store, but after awhile the lady who works in the floral department tells him of a floral shop just down the road that might have a nicer selection for his “special someone” (and oh man imagine how Dean would blush, but he’d get the info and thank her for it).

and he’d go to the new shop, spends a good two hours his first time in there (and who knew there were SO MANY kinds of flowers??) and maybe Dean picks out fat blue hydrangeas because they remind him of a special someone’s eyes, not that he’d ever admit it. and he keeps going back to the same shop, spending an embarrassing amount of time picking out flowers. and the people working at the shop make jokes about how often he must get himself in the doghouse with his significant other, with the frequency that he visits (and how much he spends-real cash, not fake credit cards). but Dean just smiles, and shakes his head, telling them he’s not in trouble, that there’s just someone at home who “Deserves nice things.”

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