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do you ever think about what it would be like to smoke weed with dean? because of the drug references in the show (a few seasons back) i find myself thinking about it from time to time because i wonder what kind of stuff he would do/say. also it would probably be really really fun. on a side note i have the same thought about smoking with j2m or just misha, etc etc etc because peoples' personalities when they're high really interest me..?? idk?? i'm just curious what you think about it.


god like dean is already such a tactile guy that I think being high would relax those defenses even more and he’d be so touchy and adorable and cuddle into people’s sides and put his arm around them and absently play with their hair. and he’d probably ramble about all the shit he finds interesting and unintentionally reveal how fucking brilliant he is when he started going off about the universe and black holes and shit. and he would eat fucking EVERYTHING and proclaim it all the most delicious thing on the planet. and he’d stuff himself to the point where he’d be on the floor with his pants unbuttoned, moaning about he’s never eating anything ever again, and then like 20 minutes later he’d be like, “I’m hungry do we have any chips”. HE WOULD BE THE CUTEST THING I WOULD PAY AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF MONEY TO GET HIGH WITH DEAN.

and same, I think it’d be fun to get high with/see J2M high and how it would change their behavior. and not gonna lie, getting high with misha and edlund would be THE GREATEST THING.

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  1. auroramere said: How would you tell whether Misha was high?
  2. fire-of-fire said: this is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard omg (ps misha doesn’t smoke pot, but jensen— and danneel when she’s not pregnant— almost definitely do)
  3. subsam said: i want to get high with you
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  5. rhiannynrambles said: this is an excellent thing I didn’t know I wanted
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