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okay just the fact that we know dean has gotten high is a tiny bit surprising/fascinating to me?

because getting high is a selfish thing to be honest. like, he wouldn’t be at the top of his game in terms of hunting, he wouldn’t be as alert as he normally is. he sure as well wouldn’t be around john when he was high, probably wouldn’t be around sammy, if it was when they were younger

like, I just wonder when the majority of dean’s weed smoking took place. was it in high school, afternoons stolen for himself when sammy was in class? did it happen more when sam was at stanford, so dean didn’t feel the responsibility of keeping sam safe quite as strongly because he wasn’t there, combined while also using it as a coping mechanism? did he and lisa get high during their weekend together when dean took that road trip?

I mean, the most surprising thing about dean getting high (in addition to other~ drugs) is the fact that he KNOWS john wouldn’t approve of it, but he still did it. it’s like, such a textbook way to act out, but it was the only way he ever did probably, and he obviously kept it under wraps from his dad

but, it’s also kind of not surprising at all, because dean definitely loves creature comforts and getting high would just amplify things he already loves. food, television, sex. MAGIC FINGERS. oh man, I bet you anything a stoned dean would love to just take a bag of quarters and just listen to music and completely zone out until all his change was gone

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